How to be a changemaker

When you feel a hunger for change, the logistics of accomplishing it can feel impossible. However, if you have the initiative and commitment, then you already possess the most important characteristics of being a changemaker! Moreover, there's a few simple steps that can help you on your path to making an impact on the world, and creating the change you’ve always wanted to see.

Ask yourself all the questions.

What change is needed in the world? Who is in need of help? What can I do to help? What impact do I want to make? These are key questions that you need to ask yourself before acting. If you are interested in humanitarian work, identify who is in need of aid. If you are interested in environmental conservation, look at how you can do this. Not sure what your calling is? Take a look at the UN list of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and this might just help you pinpoint a target for change.

Identify your obstacles.

It’s important to look out for obstacles - so that they don’t catch you by surprise! This can be a financial obstacle, a group of people, a corporation, or even the Government! Identify exactly what stands in your way, so that you can figure out  how to overcome it. Don’t have enough money for your environmental invention? Start fundraising! Is there a corporation that enables pollution? Get in contact! 


Set your goals and make a game plan.

Now that you know exactly what change is needed, and what stands in your way, it’s time to make the ultimate game plan. First, set your end goal. This might be a law you want to pass, a message you want to spread or an impact you want to make. Setting a goal can keep you on track and keep you motivated to keep pushing for the change you want to see. From here, you can set the building blocks for how you’re going to get to your end goal; whether it be building a team, fundraising, drafting resolution papers, or more!


Join or build a community.

Being surrounded by like-minded people as a changemaker can be very important. These are the people who will be both pushing you to make a change, whilst also making a change themselves! You can do this by joining online forums, attending events, or networking through social media. This way you can talk to people about their journey, learn from others' mistakes and maybe even find people working towards the same goal that you are! And if you can’t seem to find this community of people, make your own! 


Feel the drive!

As mentioned before, initiative and drive are the most important characteristics of a changemaker. Staying motivated and pushing towards your goals isn’t easy, especially when there are obstacles in the way and people doubting you. However, if you keep reminding yourself of the change you want to see, you will get there much faster than you think.