We help your brand connect with values-conscious Gen Z, who demand companies to fight for a better world.

Youthtopia Circle of Youth member, Dominique Palmer

YOUTHTOPIA is the planetary leader for connecting companies with young consumers. YOUTHTOPIASHIFT is our flagship program for corporate social responsibility, endorsed by the UN and proven over 4 years.

This partnership program with YOUTHTOPIA is based on an invigorating & transformational framework, SHIFTing companies to an elevated position with youth globally through sustainability advances, deepened youth engagement, and future-positive culture changes.

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All our most impactful services are packaged into our flagship program, SHIFT, which provides a comprehensive change-making journey for your brand in close ongoing collaboration with YOUTHTOPIA.

With an initial commitment of 18 months, and the option to extend the programme year on year, SHIFT includes 5 modules and 3 reporting deliverables.

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SHIFT Module 1
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YOUTHTOPIA proprietary, youth-led & What confidential benchmarking.


Builds a quantifiable benchmark to Value demonstrate the positive upswing toward connecting with youth and youth changemakers and commitment to a sustainable future.


1. Create our sustainability baseline. We review your company’s commitment to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

2. First sentiment survey: How do our YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth (Our 200+ global young changemakers) feel about your brand?

Value Add

Impact Video: CEO interview with young changemakers discussing the company's commitment to sustainability and positive changes arising from the partnership.


SHIFT Module 2
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Up to 3 YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth representatives will join your company strategy & sustainability team


Integrate youth changemaker voices into your company and/or sustainability team & initiatives


Youth voices are represented in your regular round table discussions where voices of youth contribute and discuss progress on your sustainability journey and update your company with new knowledge and sentiment from our YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth.

Value Add

Impact Video: Interviews with employees and Circle Of Youth candidates reflecting on the impact and changes.


SHIFT Module 3
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2.5hr workshop facilitated by YOUTHTOPIA with employees.


Reverse mentoring. Experience your agenda through the eyes and with the guidance of the YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth.


YOUTHTOPIA will facilitate our signature workshop Control Alt Delete with a group of employees. Max. 50 attendees. Interactive sessions with breakout rooms. We address company challenges and encourage open discussions


SHIFT Module 4
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Curation of a youth speaker from YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth for your selected internal company event.


Our YOUTHTOPIA Circle of Youth are inspirational young changemakers with moving stories to tell. Each of our network members is mentored and trained in public speaking.


1 speaking engagement of up to 45 mins (including 15mins Q&A) over the engagement. This can be virtual or in-person.


SHIFT Module 5
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We engage with the children of your employees. The children work over a series of 3-6 months on relevant sustainability challenges that your company has identified.


This program will initiate an innovative company project that takes concrete steps towards a specific sustainability goal. The program is designed to interact and empower your children to get involved with company innovation and spark leadership with new ideas.


YOUTHTOPIA provides a project-based program for the children (12 - 18 years) This can be delivered over 3-6 months. Projects are then pitched to the company at the closing ceremony.

Value Add

Impact Video: covering the projects/people/energy of the 3-6month program and project ideas

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Key deliverables

Youthtopia shift
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youthtopia shift
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The pandemic didn’t start the sustainability revolution, but it has put it into hyperdrive. And Gen Z is in the driver’s seat.


Melati Wijsen is a full time changemaker and movement builder from Bali. Her journey as a changemaker started at 12 years old, when she founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags with her sister, Isabel. After years of campaigning, the official ban on plastic bags, styrofoam and straws was enforced by the Balinese government in 2019.

Melati has spoken on global stages such as TED, the UN in NYC, and the EU Parliament in Brussels. She traveled around the world while filming her first feature film, Bigger Than Us, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and went on to be nominated for the Cesar Awards.

She has also been honoured by TIME as part of the annual list of most influential teens in the world, by CNN Heroes, and by Forbes 30 under 30.

In 2020, on the stage of the World Economic Forum in Davos, she launched her new company, YOUTHTOPIA.

Youthtopia founder, Melati Wijsen, poses at a beach

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