Independence through Youth Empowerment

Shafa Fakhira

On August 17, 2023, Indonesia will celebrate its independence day for its 78th. As an annual celebration, there will be a ceremony as the main event in the State Palace. Still, there are also several activities as side events, such as the world's largest angklung performance, a kebaya dress (traditional costumes for women) show, and a video mapping show on The National Monument (Monas).

Looking back at the struggle for independence of heroes almost eighty years ago, we cannot ignore the youth who played a  massive role in helping to achieve independence. Reflection on one of the important moments, such as the Youth Pledge, resulted in an agreement on one country, one nation, and one language driven by youth groups who wanted to foster nationalism and unite the Indonesian people under one motherland, Indonesia.

Source : Canva

By looking at this significant moment, the younger generation has a passion for change and can make changes. This article will explore how youth empowerment can lead to greater independence and personal growth.

The World Youth Report (2020) estimates that 1.2 billion young people, or 16% of the world's population, are between the ages of 15 and 24. Looking at these numbers indicates that there is promise. Here are some of them :

1. Creativity and Innovation

As a famous statement by Steve Jobs, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish," we can interpret that youths are always eager and ready to try new things. This mindset leads to innovation in technology, science, arts, and other areas.

2. Social Change

No wonder, in today's world, you might be familiar with names like Greta, Malala, Melati, and Isabel Wijsen. But that is not all; YOUTHTOPIA has acknowledged more than 200+ youths worldwide that consistently show their passion for social change through a community called Circle of Youth (COY).

3. Economic Growth and Job Creation 

With proper education, training, and opportunities, also being tech savvy, youths can get their own salary at a very young age. With all digitalization and internet stuff, everything can be done at home.

4. Leadership and Governance

Let young people get involved in policy-making to decide what world they want to be in. Giving them access to the governance system also means that there will be a fresh perspective ensuring that policies are relevant to the changing times.

What is your first step?

Open for the abundance of opportunities that lie ahead. Each moment holds the potential to become a gateway to boosting your self-confidence. By strengthening your self-confidence, you can express your mind easily and share your passion with the world. Remember that you may encounter hurdles along your journey or have to rethink your plans. So, be resilient. However, keep these challenges from bringing you down. Instead, let them fuel your determination to overcome and grow stronger. Turn them into reasons to show how tough you are and how you can bounce back even better.

Let's highlight the point that you, me, and other young people out there are 100% the future; now, get ready to become an empowered youth to lead the way to a stronger and independent society. Ready to take the lead?

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