Mini Grants 2023 : Your Key to Transformative Change

Shafa Fakhira

Young, enthusiastic, and full of curiosity. Three words to describe you, a changemaker. Some of you already had incredible projects in your country. It could be an innovation of a product, making a song to raise people's awareness, a documentary, or establishing your first-ever organization. Whatever it is, you did something extraordinary for your surroundings, answering your hesitancy and making a positive impact in your communities.

At some point, will your project last long? Is it sustainable enough?

Now, it's time for you to read more about this article. I will show you what YOUTHTOPIA can do to answer this question.

Doing a project is not only about thinking about the concept but also about resources. But how do you get all the help, especially financial ones, if you have no job? You're a student still living in the same house with your parents and have no idea how to generate income.

That's why you need a third party to help you out. Don't let financial restrictions limit your wild ideas.

Here’s why we're currently open for submission of YOUTHTOPIA Mini Grants!

It’s open worldwide for YOU, a young changemaker with an incredible project or a big idea. As long as you’re below 25 years old and ready to commit an implementation in 6 months, then you will have an opportunity to get financial support up to USD 1,500 to turn your idea into action.

By participating in this initiative, you will have the chance to transform your ideas into tangible results. Not only will you have the opportunity to cultivate creativity and empower others, but you will also be able to inspire local solutions. Moreover, this initiative acts as a driving force for increased collaboration and involvement within communities, enabling you to strategize and ensure the long-term sustainability of your project.

What are the winners from the previous years working on?

YOUTHTOPIA launched the Mini-Grants to support youth-led initiatives in driving social change and addressing critical issues aligned with Sustainable Development Goals in 2021. With all the selection process, five incredible youths from  Puerto Rico, Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Uganda were chosen as winners. They worked on different fields such as forestry, climate change, waste, mental health, and hygiene.

Reflecting on 2021, the year when youth showcased their power to create change within their communities through their projects, the momentum continued into 2022. The program continued, with the total numbers of applicants reaching 27 youths and at the end, five more deserving winners from Malaysia, Croatia, and Indonesia had a chance to implement their ideas. These exceptional projects encompassed diverse themes, such as social entrepreneurship literacy, food waste, wildlife expedition, journalism, and vocational education.

One of 5 Mini Grants winners in 2022

The impact of the Mini-Grants program on these young change-makers has been profound. Their dedication, passion, and innovative solutions have not only contributed to their own personal growth and development but have also created a ripple effect of positive change in their communities and beyond. 

Looking back at the past two years, participants have shown a high interest in expanding their project's impact. So, we’re excited to support your exceptional project this year! Don't miss this opportunity by signing up at before September 10, 2023.